The beginning

I always knew I wanted kids but also knew I wasn’t the “mommy” type.  What I mean is that I loved my no responsibility life, loved not having to be anywhere at a specific time (besides work that is) and loved going out to dinner, parties, movies etc.  That all changed July 17, I was supposed to go to one of my company parties – a baseball game filled with laughs and drinks.  I ended up cancelling because I didn’t feel well.  By the next morning I had taken 3 pregnancy tests all coming up with the same response – PREGNANT!

  The Tests

T and I weren’t trying to have kids nor were we really trying to prevent having kids, we had been married almost 5 years and figured whatever happens, happens!  Well something happened alright, after an awful ultrasound experience we found out that not only was I pregnant but I was 7 weeks pregnant with twins.  Holy shit, after the technician said those words “there’s one baby and there’s the second baby” I cried hysterically and my husband laughed.  I was shooting daggers at him with my eyes wondering why the hell are you laughing at a time like this, his response “What else am I supposed to do?”  You see T was ready to have kids for a while, it was me that was delaying it, I just wasn’t ready yet, not mentally anyway.  Mother nature had another plan for me, she pushed me in with both feet whether I was ready or not. 

My husband was laughing and I was crying – we were quite the couple but we were the couple that was now expecting “Pinto Beans”.


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