I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a husband that thinks sex is the answer to everything but T comes up with some great reasons to have sex.  Headache, backache, sore arm, toothache, cold, tired etc. really any reason is a good reason to have sex.  I guess he feels he’s the magic elixir to cure all of my aches, pains and problems. 

Since the Beans were born our sex life has been almost non-existent.  In the beginning I would just look at him like he had grown two heads, If I or we had a spare hour, 30 minutes or hell even enough time for a quickie, sex was the last thing on my mind.  I was more interested in sleep or a shower to clean off the vomit, drool and shit that had accumulated on my body since my last shower. 

Now, I’m just terrified of having another child or two for that matter because if I ovulated twice and ended up with twins once who’s to say I wouldn’t ovulate twice again!  I would promptly be checking into a psych ward if I was to become pregnant again.  I ABSOLUTELY 100% DO NOT WANT ANYMORE CHILDREN!  The Pill is out as I get migraines from it, condoms are disgusting and we all know how well the rhythm method or the old “pull-out” method works ~ so we’re left with my hubby getting the old snip snip or abstinence as the only sure-fire ways not to get pregnant again.  T doesn’t want to get a vasectomy yet, he would like more kids and feels that we should wait a respectable 2 years before making that decision – I’ve already made that decision.  What do we do?

I carried twins to 39 weeks & 2 days with a heart condition, gave birth to 2 healthy children had a breeze of a pregnancy (I wasn’t even put on bed rest), why take that chance, we have the “million dollar family” – why tempt fate?

In reality I don’t think I would mentally survive anymore kids – this is all my weary brain and body can handle.  Besides when you wake up to these two in the morning your life is already complete, there is no need for an encore.


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