Thanks Wee Rascals & Durham Region Baby

I’m an avid reader of blogs, especially ones in my area.  I have read Durham Region Baby for years and love the product reviews and giveaways that Carly does from time to time.  I happened to win one of these giveaways and it couldn’t have been something more useful.  Wee Rascals was started by another twin mom (how she found the time while on maternity leave I’ll never know) but I won a sleep sack.  Now I certainly couldn’t decide who should win the sleep sack so of course I had to order another so that the Beans would each have one.  As you can see they are the cutest flippin things ever and they work.  The Beans are nice and warm in their cribs now thanks to Wee Rascals.  Go check her stuff out ~ and if you haven’t stopped by Durham Region Baby yet I’m not sure what you have been doing – she’s a must read


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