Why is it that men do not understand the unbelievable feeling of someone else washing their hair.  I personally would sit in that chair all damn day if someone was going to wash my hair – god what a feeling.

My hair is just one of many things on my body that have been neglected since the Beans were born – until last night that was – oh it feels so good, the hair that is, well the hair washing was awesome as well.

The magic worker (aka hair stylist) and I were talking about what we women have to go through and what we have to give up and what we have to change once kids come in the picture.  Why is that?  Why are we expected to change and adapt while the fathers are not?  Is it that we feel we have to?  Are we guilted into not keeping that little bit of ourselves sacred, untouched, unaltered for the good of our children?  And I’m not just talking about working or not working because any option is a job (stay at home or work out of home or work in home etc.).

I know for me I have to find that little bit of myself again, I have to bring it out of storage, dust it off, repair it, put it back together and start using it again.

How did my talk of orgasmic hair washing get to finding my “me”?  I’m not sure but I think getting my hair done got me thinking about all the things I have put off and all the things I need to do.  For starters as Justin Timberlake sings – “I’m bringing sexy back”.


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