The Birth of the Beans

I had big plans to write the full birth story of the Beans but then thought why?  No one cares about my story, every birth story is hard, painful, exhausting and completed with a sweet reward – or two in my case.

I’ll do the abridged version ~ I was induced on March 10 at 8pm (after waiting around for 6 hours to start the damn induction, I could have been eating that entire time, getting my toes painted, getting a massage or any other thing more enjoyable than laying on a hospital bed for no good reason).  My birth plan was simple, two healthy children and a vaginal birth.  After 23 hours I stopped dilating at 9cm, the babes started to show some signs of distress and the doctor felt it was now time to get the babies out.  I dreaded the thought of a c-section, how was I going to look after the Beans while recovering from major surgery?  My nice doctor gave me some words to cheer me up (or so she thought) – don’t worry about the c-section, in the end you’ll have a beautiful vagina!  Who says things like that?

Baby A was born at 8:22 pm weighing in at 6 lbs 11.5 ozs, a boy with huge blue eyes and chubby cheeks we named Sebastian, Baby B followed a minute later weighing a petite 5 lbs 3 ozs, sweet Sofie, what she lacked in size she made up for in volume and energy!

I think back to that day and am so happy that my story turned out okay, not everyone’s does.  While I was in labour complaining about being tired, exhausted, hungry, thirsty and just fed up with the whole induction process someone else’s world was shattering.

A woman came to the hospital in labour, she had no prenatal care (why, I’ll never know), as the doctors starting checking her they realized that there were actually two babies and one of them was in distress.  She was rushed to surgery and ended up losing one of her babies – that day was most likely the happiest and saddest day of her life.  My husband could hear her family yelling at her, wanting to know why she didn’t see a doctor through the whole pregnancy, blaming her for the death of one of her babies and telling her she would have to live with what she had done (yes we can all pass judgment but I’ve decided not to, she’ll be judging herself for the rest of her life).

When I think about the birth of the Beans I keep thinking my birth plan was thrown out of the window, I had a c-section I didn’t want, it was a long drawn out labour BUT I had two healthy babies – she didn’t and for that I am so thankful I am crying just writing this.  My heart goes out to that woman and I’ve hugged my babies even harder tonight.


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