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Merry Christmas

I’m so far behind on my posts, I’m so far behind on getting the house ready for Christmas.  My Dad is coming over today for lunch and I’m not ready, oh god I need to get going.  I’ve been up since 5 this morning thinking about all the things I need to do.  I’m drinking a coffee in my still silent house and trying to regroup and get my thoughts together so that I don’t lose my mind this Christmas, I want to relax and enjoy the Beans first Christmas.  Breathe!

Here is the Beans first picture with Santa – surprisingly they didn’t cry, didn’t make strange, I even got a couple smiles out of them.

Have a wonderful Christmas filled with the four f’s – family, friends, forever & forgiveness.


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Cottage Fun

No words, these pictures tell the story.

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I’ve been at the cottage for the past few days basking in the peace of an almost frozen lake and the quiet of the snow on the ground.  It’s so beautiful here, I never want to leave.  It also helps that my mom has been helping me with the Beans and making dinner – that is heaven to not have to cook dinner.

I’ve been working on a few posts so hopefully when I get home tomorrow I can update you on what has been going on.  My brain goes around in circles still trying to figure this out, still trying to believe that I actually have two kids.  My heart melts when they give me hugs, sloppy slobbery kisses and big goofy grins with dimples.  My brain feels frozen though – I need to use it.

New things are coming and I can’t wait to share.

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Ok I take it back about the snow, I’d rather have the snow than this bone chilling cold.  Holy shit, I’m freezing and I hate being stuck inside, too cold to really venture out with the babes what with the -20 windchill.  Why can’t it just be 0 or -5, that’s a temperature that stuff can be done in, not this ice box temperature. 

I can save hydro, unplug my freezer and just put it outside, perfect ~ except for all the animals living in the forest in my back yard.  The raccoons would have the freezer open in no time, even with the lock!

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Snow, the other four letter S word.

You know I really hate snow, I don’t know when I started to hate it so much, well maybe I started hating it when I stopped skiing and had to start shovelling the crap off of my driveway, sidewalk, walkway, back deck ~ endless mountains of white crap! 

I loved playing in the stuff when I was a kid and every Christmas Santa always brought us something new to do with snow (skis, snow suit, crazy carpets etc.).  I’m sure my parents were glad to get my sister and I out of the bloody house where they could get some peace and quiet.

The Beans have been staring at the white stuff all morning and when I grabbed a bucket of snow and brought it in for them to “play” with they let their feelings about snow known:

How couldn't you like this stuff Mummy? I bet it'll feel good on my sore gums!

It's so cold I can't even open my eyes.

Don't worry, I'll warm up your hands.

The one time that I absolutely love snow is at night and you step outside and it’s like a huge mountain of insulation was placed around the neighbourhood, you get that calm, almost silent night outside, an eerie but relaxed feeling washes over me ~ now that is amazing!

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I had another post all ready to be put on the site today but then I received an email from a good friend of mine.  She was 20 weeks pregnant and found out her little girl had a rare congenital heart defect, a defect that wouldn’t allow the baby to survive.  Sadly they lost their little girl last night. 

Why is it that when something devastating like this happens people say “it wasn’t meant to be” or “everything happens for a reason” or some other platitude like that.  How is that helpful to the ones grieving?

All I can say is that I’m so so sad and sorry for the little girl they won’t get to see grow up, sad for the life that was lost.  It also made me that much more thankful that I have the Beans and that they are healthy.

I know my friend will try again for another baby, my fingers will be crossed that her next pregnancy will result in a beautiful healthy newborn.

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It’s amazing what a little sun, sand and water will do to cheer yourself up.  No snow, no rain, just glorious sunshine, white sand beaches, crystal blue/green/aqua water – you know the type of water I’m talking about – the postcard type of water.  It’s mesmerizing to me, could stare at it forever, I could listen to the ocean crashing against the shore ALL DAY LONG, it never gets old.

I’m not trying to rub it in that I’m here:

and you’re – well I don’t know where you are but I’m sure that the two people who read this are NOT enjoying the sunshine and sand that I am. 

T and I LOVE the beach and hoped that the Beans would too.  Sofie is a natural, playing in the sand & surf.  Sebastian doesn’t like the feel of sand too much and is afraid of the sound of the waves crashing – hmm, here’s hoping we can get him to warm up to the beach before we go home to winterland – YUCK.

Here’s the babes enjoying being almost nekkid!

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