Snow, the other four letter S word.

You know I really hate snow, I don’t know when I started to hate it so much, well maybe I started hating it when I stopped skiing and had to start shovelling the crap off of my driveway, sidewalk, walkway, back deck ~ endless mountains of white crap! 

I loved playing in the stuff when I was a kid and every Christmas Santa always brought us something new to do with snow (skis, snow suit, crazy carpets etc.).  I’m sure my parents were glad to get my sister and I out of the bloody house where they could get some peace and quiet.

The Beans have been staring at the white stuff all morning and when I grabbed a bucket of snow and brought it in for them to “play” with they let their feelings about snow known:

How couldn't you like this stuff Mummy? I bet it'll feel good on my sore gums!

It's so cold I can't even open my eyes.

Don't worry, I'll warm up your hands.

The one time that I absolutely love snow is at night and you step outside and it’s like a huge mountain of insulation was placed around the neighbourhood, you get that calm, almost silent night outside, an eerie but relaxed feeling washes over me ~ now that is amazing!


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