Daily Smile

Every morning when I’m by myself with the Beans is the same.  They wake up and I let them talk to each other for a little bit and then I go in and say good morning, get them out of their sleep sacks, change diapers and let them play on the floor with their toys and each other while I go and make their bottles.  Every morning when I come back in I see them playing with each other and it’s the cutest thing, smiles, laughs, giggles – so adorable.  Until they see their bottle that is.  Sebastian immediately starts crying and crawling as fast as he can to me wondering why the hell he doesn’t have the bottle in his mouth already.   Sofie kneels and starts whining and clapping her hands and then laughs – she’s a strange girl!

Right now they love to clap, whenever anyone sings Paddy Cake, says YEAH or clap, clap, clap they break out in the biggest smiles, so proud of themselves and clap away.  These moments make the tough moments so much easier.


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