Seriously, why do I need to research wrestling moves in order to dress my almost 10 month old girl after her bath, redress her after a diaper change or any other time I have to redo the snaps on her pj’s or put her clothes back on.  It honestly takes me almost as long to dress her after the bath as it takes to bathe both of the Beans.  It’s gotten to the point that I have to hold her arms down with my legs just so that I can put her legs into her pj’s – my god I don’t need to go to the gym I just need to undress and redress her more often during the day.  We try to distract her with toys, bottles, singing anything really and it doesn’t work.  Diaper changes are a dangerous task to perform with a kid that can twist like a pretzel – it’s amazing the moves she can perform.  Is she stronger than me?


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