I’ve interviewed nannies for the Beans but still don’t know how I’m supposed to know if it’s the right fit.  My plan is to have the short list come over when the Beans are awake to play and then see the Beans reaction to them and how they interact with the Beans.  I know this isn’t scientific as of course the nanny will be on their best behaviour while in my presence.  Is it right to always be this cynical?

Any help out there?  Give me some good questions to ask, cuz all I have right now are gut feelings.  Is that enough?



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  1. I have some great links on Durham Region Daycare of questions to ask potential providers:

    There is definitely something to be said about mother’s instinct. When searching for a home daycare for Lucy, I was in a woman’s house who did not use baby gates because she said the older kids would watch the babies. Another did not go outside all winter. Yet another was waiting for her charges to wake up so she could vacuum.

    I think getting references is huge. Asking about discipline. Routines, Watching them change a diaper. Whether they get down to the babies’ levels right away (always a big one for me).

    You’ll know when you find the right one. I did each time.

    Good luck! Keep us posted (you should write about this for DRB — you’d get some great comments).

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