Today I visited my local Montessori school to see if it was the right fit for the Beans.  It was all I could do to get them out of the house and at the school by 9:30, how could I possibly get them there for 7am once I go back to work.  I would have to wake them up at 6, do a quick change, bottles, breakfast and running out the door.

The school was very nice, the administrator answered all of my questions but how is it fair to the Beans for me to rip them out of bed at 6am when they usually wake up at 8.  Yes the school have a very good reputation for teaching kids to be independent thinkers, doers, teaching them all the important things.  But isn’t sleep important too?

This bloody decision is so hard, I have 6 weeks left until I go back to work and if I don’t figure this out soon the Beans will be looking after themselves or I’ll be unemployed.


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  1. I know it seems insurmountable, but I promise it’s not that bad. Yes, you’ll have to get everyone up earlier. Yes, you’ll have to be super organized and get everything ready the night before. Yes, it’ll be hard. But you adjust. Everyone will.

    The Beans will go to bed earlier — everything will just shift.

    All of us working parents do it. You will, too! Don’t underestimate yourself…

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