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Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

When I was pregnant with the Beans I was told several times that we would end up having a garage full of strollers.  I scoffed at such an idea, why does anyone need more than one stroller?

Fast forward 10 months ~ 4 strollers!

Our stroller buying frenzy started off with the irreplaceable Baby Trend Double Snap N Go.  This stroller was my lifesaver in the early days.  The Beans and I went everywhere in this, we went walking at the cottage, shopping, strolls around the neighbourhood, everywhere!  I was so upset when the Beans outgrew their infant seats making this stroller obsolete.  I almost shed a tear when I sold it to another twin mom.

Then we started using an Expedition Double Jogger.  Now before I go any further with my thoughts on this stroller I’ll just put it out there that I’m not a jogger.  I’m as much of a jogger as I am a millionaire.  Actually the probabilities of me becoming either a jogger or a millionaire are about the same – nil to the thousandth degree.

I hated this stroller, maybe because I walked with it instead of jogging with it?  I’m not sure but unless you were going in a straight line the thing was impossible to steer and it’s HUGE.  Obviously taking it on any adventure in the trunk of our car was not an option.  (I did like that the sun canopy pivoted and could provide shade at all times of day and in all directions). 

Enter stroller #3, our Valco Tri Mode Twin.  A great stroller, it rides smoothly, tons of room for the Beans, an adjustable handle, wheels that swivel all the way and it even fits through any door.  I have never had an issue with the stroller not fitting.  This is our neighbourhood stroller, it goes anywhere and everywhere.  It is still a big stroller and does take up most of my trunk space but in a pinch I have taken it shopping.

Now we have a new shopping, travelling and just easy small stroller.  Our Combi Twin Sport.  Now this is a stroller!  This thing folds up to nothing, still plenty of room for the Beans, rolls around nicely and it takes up no room at all in the trunk.  This thing came to Bahamas with us and it even fit through the x-ray machine.  How ingenious!

So now I ask, why do I still want one more stroller?  I can only think of one reason to get this stroller (well there are many but this is the most important).  You can fold it with one hand, in one fluid movement!  The City Elite, what a stroller.  I don’t have enough time, let alone a spare hand to need both of them to unfold and fold a stroller.  I want you City Elite stroller – how can I make you mine?


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