Sleepless Slumber

You are in bed reading, your eyes are getting heavy, they aren’t focusing on the words anymore.  You close the book and turn the lights off looking forward to dreamless sleep.  Your twins have another thing in mind ~  atleast that’s what the Beans did to me last night. 

I was up until almost 4, at that point the two of them had chatted and played themselves out.  They felt that from 12:30 until almost 4 was Romper Room time.  I went into their room eventually in hopes of laying them back down and saying night-night again and have them actually listen to me.  Sofie is playing with a stuffed duck she carries around everywhere and having a conversation with it and her brother.  Sebastian is on his knees clapping away like we should applaud that he’s up at this hour.  He’s also blabbing on about something to Sofie.

That’s how I found myself researching Chess Boxing, checking email, reading my book, drinking warm milk and praying that I could get some sleep.

Today, nap time will become Family Nap Time as my eyes are burning from the tired.


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