Hunger Strike

The poor Beans have been sick for a couple days.  Noses running, coughing like smokers and not eating.  These two usually eat more than I do so I don’t like it that they aren’t eating anything except toast and oatmeal.  I’ve tried everything, pureed food, regular food, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, fruit, it’s been a restaurant here with a million food choices.  Nope, they aren’t interested.  They’re not even interested in Cheerios!  That shocked me.

One thing that I did find out during this sick phase of theirs is this new nose sucker thingy.  The hydraSense® Nasal Aspirator.  This thing has been a godsend – it works really, really well.  Way better than the suction bulb thing that I’ve used.  It is kind of gross that you have to manually suck the snot out of your kids nose but it works (and no you don’t get a mouthful of nasal secretions).

I hope they get better soon.


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One response to “Hunger Strike

  1. prue

    Darling Denise
    What a fantastic idea hearing all the new’s, I cant believe that the beans are gong to be 1 how precious is that, I rememeber last year so well just couldnt wait to see them, there really lovely looking kid’s. sorry to hear they’d been sick, shit happens when your a baby…..keep this rolling so I can keep up with you all.
    How’s house are you settled in yet..?
    Please send the house tel no so I have it… Dan studing hard cant believe that he has 2 years left, than uni, it’s passing so quickly, were all fine and dandy, loving the sun in the Cape…..
    Love to you all and Mr t tooo.

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