I think I found her!  “The One”.  I’m so excited about this, she’s such a nice girl (I have a hard time calling anyone under 50 a woman).  The Beans “Pseudo Mommy” – she has such a great personality, caring, gentle, easy-going but firm and willing to teach.   She got down on the floor and played and interacted with them, talking to them and laughing and playing and and and!  She was peppered with questions from the hubby and answered all of our questions in a way we had hoped. 

The Beans didn’t play shy with the Nanny, took right to her and wanted to crawl into her lap.  That to me was a great sign ~ they say kids and dogs know people in a way us normal folk don’t, they can tell if the person is “good”.

Now I’m writing up a package for her and hopefully all will be settled soon!

Fingers crossed please!


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