Sleeper Cell

Does anyone else have a bedroom that looks like a sleeper cell, especially compared to their kid(s) room??  We do.  The Beans have really nice cribs that will convert to double beds when they get older, a nice dresser, an organized custom closet and decorations on the walls.

In comparison, my bed sits on the floor, we have crappy night tables, the bracket for a flat screen tv is on our wall with no tv (we might be the only house in North America with only 1 television) and our room is painted a colour we don’t really like.  We do have a walk-in closet with great built-ins and an awesome bathroom but that’s only because we didn’t do them.   T and I take forever to buy furniture.  I’m not sure if it is because of procrastination, the inability to find something we both like or we don’t really care.  I’d like to actually own a nice bedroom set before my kids make it to their big beds!


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