Drunken Sailors & Birthday Boys

The Beans are both walking now and it’s the cutest thing.  They wobble, teeter, totter and generally look like they are walking around after a good night of clubbing.  They are so proud of themselves, you can just see the glint in their eyes, the glint that says “oh boy, a whole new world of stuff to get into has opened up, what mischief can I cause now?”

It’s also funny to see them get excited about getting somewhere and trying to get there fast, their bodies speed up but their poor little legs can’t keep up and they quickly fall face first into something.  There have been a few more tears in the past week with all the new “injuries” but they are quickly getting the hang of it.

On another note it was T’s 40th Birthday on Wednesday.  I’ve been with T for over 10 years, and he hasn’t changed a bit in those 10 years.   Yes a few more grey hairs, now we’re married and have two kids but who he is hasn’t changed.  He’s still an amazing person, a hard worker (maybe sometimes too hard), caring, loving and now he’s a father.  He’s such an amazing Dad to the kids, they “run” to him as soon as they seem him, give him hugs and kisses and climb all over him.  It’s such an amazing thing to see and to experience.  The love of your life with the loves of your life. 

Happy Birthday T from the Beans and Me! Muitos beijinhos.


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