Time Alone

T left on Saturday on a business trip to the other side of the world.  Before the Beans I somewhat liked this time alone, the quiet of the house, being able to watch what I wanted, the bed all to myself and having a bagel for dinner if that’s what I wanted.  Now, this time alone isn’t as fun.  T works long hours and we don’t see each other as much as I would like.  Since the Beans were born we also don’t go out as much as we would both like.  Is this what happens, your life as a couple takes a back seat to everything else?

We escaped to the cottage for a few days and spent some time with Nana and Papa, I had help with the feeding, bathing and bedtime routine which was great, I also had company.  We went on a shopping excursion and I was able to pick up the last things I needed for the Beans 1st Birthday celebration.  I was also able to take a break from my nanny search.  I have some more interviews set up for later this week but this whole search has made me exhausted – both physically and mentally.

We miss you T, come home soon.  Muitos beijinhos (many little kisses for those non-Portuguese speaking people).


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