Another one bites the dust

I had another interview yesterday with a Nanny.  It didn’t go well ~ at all!  I never would have thought it would be this difficult to find someone competent to look after the Beans.  Our decision to hire a nanny instead of daycare was supposed to make our lives that little bit easier when in fact it has made my life miserable for the past month.  Hiring one, firing one, finding another one but she decides to stay with her current family.  And a stream of people I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the Beans with.

It’s days like this when I would love to be living in Toronto where the pool of nannies is much bigger.  Living in the burbs hasn’t helped us in finding the perfect nanny but living in Toronto wouldn’t give us the backyard and space we have (because I certainly don’t have an extra couple million to spare).

Today I’m focussing on having fun with the Beans and putting the Nanny issue on the back-burner.  Today we are going to go out and enjoy the sunshine and each other.  Today I’m going to relish these last few days before they turn 1 and before I hand them over to someone else for the 10 hours I will be at work.  Today is a new day and I’m going to breathe in the spring like air and relax.  Rest up Beans, it’s going to be a fun day!


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