A Day in the Life

The Beans and I have been loving this spring like weather.  I know it will be short-lived, winter has not spewed its final snow yet.  Until it does, this is how we’ll spend our days.

Swinging (even though Sebastian has forgotten that he likes the swing)



Don’t feed the animals!

These last few weeks I am at home with them I am trying to cherish every second with them, I can’t wait to go back to work but I know I’ll miss our time together, our 4pm pillow time where we cuddle on the floor with pillows and blankets, they crawl all over me, want me to give them horsey rides and their tight hugs and wet kisses.  Soon, someone else will get to do these things with you everyday but for now I’m taking full advantage of our time together.



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  1. I’ve been in your position twice with both girls: So antsy to work and get the brain moving again, yet so wistful and clinging to the time together.

    Hope the nanny search is going a bit better!

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