Happy 1st Birthday my sweet Beans, how you have changed my life.  One year ago tonight I became the Mom of two, Sebastian the snuggler and Sofie the spitfire.

We became a family of four on March 11, 2009. Your Pai and I became parents to two amazing little people.

From your first smiles to your first steps, this year has been a crazy ride.  We’ve experienced sleep deprivation together, heart breaking happiness and every emotion in between.

I hope that as the years pass you will become friends and keep each other close just as you have this past year.  You don’t like to be away from each other, you call out for your sibling when they aren’t in the same room as you.  You give each other hugs, chase each other, laugh at each other and play together.

When your Pai walks in the room you two ignore me, you only have eyes for him, it’s okay I try to not let that bug me since you see me all day.  You both love being chased and laugh hysterically when we crawl around on the floor after you.  Sofie you love to give hugs and sloppy wet kisses, Sebastian you love to cuddle and have recently found a passion for dancing.

You love going for walks and car rides.  You make us laugh with your squeals of delight.  You make our hearts melt with your love for us.  Do you know how much we love you?


I wish I could write a better one year birthday note, but I’m not very eloquent so I’ll settle with how I feel.

 I love you my Beans, thank you for choosing me.



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4 responses to “ONE

  1. Avô Vasco

    Dear Mom
    As we can’t write (yet) we want you to know that we love and admire you both very much.
    Thank for having produced Us !!!
    Lots o love
    S & S

  2. Luis Queiroz

    Happy birthday to you all

    The GQ family wish you all the best.
    Vasco is asking for the Sof and Sebas.
    Mariana, too.
    Joaquim only think about play with his toys outside.

    Big beijinhos to all the PB

  3. prue

    My Darling Little Great nephew and niece
    You have grown into the most adorable one year old kids, this time last year we waited with bated breath for you arrival,s and what an amazing day it was….. your mom and dad are the most faboulous parents to you two very lucky little people…I love your beautiful faces and smiles, and so wish I was closer to roll around on the floor with you both, I am the crazy great aunt in cape town
    love you both so much
    from prue, cousin daniel and mike..xxxxx

  4. You don’t need to be eloquent (and this post is beautiful regardless of what you think), because the Beans know how much you love them by what a great mom you are.

    Happy 1st birthday, sweet Sofie and Sebastian! Your Mumma loves you more than you’ll ever know.

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