Birthday Party

We had a great party for the Beans on Saturday.  Family, friends and farm animals!  The Beans did really well with all the people, enjoyed their cupcakes and all the presents (they were spoiled, it was like Christmas all over again at our house – I also need to do a toy purge).

Sebastian and Sofie looked so adorable in their party outfits.

We had cupcakes decorated with pigs, cows & lambs, we played with our new toys and sat on our new chairs.  It was just as much of an adult party as it was a kids party.

Happy 1st Birthday Beans, I hope you had a good time at your party!

Family of Four



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2 responses to “Birthday Party

  1. Okay those arm chairs are fantastic. As is the gorgeous b&w party dress. But that tie? And mini-Sherlock-Holmes-hat slightly askew? I need to know where you do your shopping…

    • Pinto Bean Mom

      I love the chairs too! My mom & step-dad gave them to the twins (they bought them at Direct Buy but they are KidKraft chairs). As for the dress – winners for $16, (I bought a few different ones because I couldn’t decide which one she should wear). The hat and tie came from Children’s Place. Sofie was my princess for the day and Sebastian was my little professor!

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