The Healing Powers of the Sun and Nanny Update

I had 4 positive interviews with prospective nannies on Monday, I’ve set up 2nd interviews on Thursday so that T can meet them and give me his opinion.  They are all different, 2 older women, 2 younger women, some with years of experience, some with a little, some with University degrees, some without.  The kids were awake for 3 of the meetings and played shy with the first lady but were flirting and crawling all over the other 2.  My question though is, which one is the right nanny?  Do I go with someone with tons of experience but isn’t as flexible or with someone who has less experience but very flexible (ie. willing to look after the Beans on a Friday or Saturday night so that T and I could actually go out).  What is the right decision?  If the Beans get along with all of them, if I feel that they will all take care of the Beans and interact, play, nurture and care for them, which one do I choose?  Help me out here.

And as for this glorious weather we’ve been having, oh it’s like I’m sighing a huge sigh of relief (I HATE WINTER).  I know it’s still early days and that winter can still give us another taste of the white stuff but being able to go to the park, swing on the swings, go for long walks and not have to be bundled up in winter coats, hats & mittens is glorious.  Maybe this nice weather is also helping my outlook on the nanny search.   Sun makes me happy, ergo I’m happier during the day while I’m interviewing said nannies.   I’m pretty sure there is a correlation but I must say this new agency I’ve been using has been great, sending quality people around and have more if I want to meet them.

On that note, I’m off to play in the Sun, I hope you are too!


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  1. How’d it go? T’was thinking of you today…

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