T minus 1

Tomorrow Nanny starts at 7am (it kinda sucks that I have to set an alarm for 6:30, I haven’t done that in 15 months).  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.  We’ve walked down this road before, we’ve had someone start only to not come back for day two.  I can only hope and cross my fingers that this Nanny works out.  I don’t want to be disappointed and discouraged again.  I have two weeks left until I go back to work and the last thing I want to be is worried about the Beans well-being.  I want them to be taken care of, nurtured and loved.  I want to relax and enjoy my final two weeks of being a stay at home mom.

On a positive note, T and I went out last night.  Oh it was soooo nice to be in the company of other adults, drink a glass (or 4) of wine, laugh and just be in the company of great people.  T left this afternoon for four days to NYC so it’s just me and the Beans (and Nanny too) until Wednesday.  Let’s hope the weather improves and the sun returns so we can spend some time at the park.

So keep your fingers crossed for me and think positive thoughts tomorrow, I don’t want to do another post about searching for a nanny, I like this one and want her to stay!



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2 responses to “T minus 1

  1. Sending lots of good luck vibes to you for tomorrow.

    And thank you SO much for coming out last night. It was so great to meet T, and I am absolutely in love with my gift. If I wasn’t still recovering, I’d be enjoying a Sunday night glass of cab sauv in my oh-so-Carly C glass.

    Hope you will still have the energy and time to come out to DMNO once you are back at work.

    • Pinto Bean Mom

      Well the best way to recover is just to start all over again! I’ll be there for DMNO, I need it now for my sanity and will mostly likely need it more once I return to work!

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