Peeping Tom

So I’m in the middle of Day 3 with Nanny and am wondering if I should become one of “those” mothers.  I say “those” mothers in the nicest way possible because I have nothing against them and might just turn into one.  I’m talking about buying and hiding a “Nanny Cam” somewhere in my house so I can make sure that what I see, feel and experience while here with the Nanny is the same when I’m back at work.

I’m trusting the Nanny with the Beans but doesn’t that mean I should also trust that she will provide quality care for my kids without being “Big Brother” and check up on her.  Such a dilemma because then what if she found the camera?  Would she be insulted and leave, would she understand my neurotic craziness and chalk it up to first time parent syndrome?  I went through hell to find this nanny but now am going through hell wondering if I should spy on her.  That would drive me crazy if I was spied on at work.

Do you have a nanny camera?  Does your daycare provider have CCTV in their home/centre?  What would you do?



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6 responses to “Peeping Tom

  1. I wish my daycare provided some kind of sign-on video access. Hell – my friend’s doggie daycare does this, but CHILD daycare’s never seem to have this option? I’d even settle for a few photos every few weeks to see the kids in action, doing whatever it is they do all day.

    What about doing a nanny cam, but letting her know? Or asking the nanny agency about their stance/advice on how to handle? I know if I knew I was being filmed (with my knowledge, and my permission) it would keep me on my toes all day.

    • Pinto Bean Mom

      A doggie cam, wow, some people really do treat their dogs better than their kids! I’m toying with the idea of asking what she thinks about them, Christ, another drama to handle.

  2. B

    I’m sure we’ve *all* been That Mom. The advice I’ve always been given is: if you feel like you need a nanny cam then you should fire your nanny. I think the thinking behind it being that you need to trust her completely and spying compromises that trust. Not sure I agree with that but that has always been the immediate response when I’ve asked friends. Having said that, I’ve thought about it SO MANY TIMES when I’ve wondered what the hell they do all day, particularly on a rainy day. It’s a great idea to have mid-day surprise “drop ins” every now and then, or even bring up the idea of nanny cams in conversation with your nanny just to see how she reacts. My nanny immediately responded, “feel free! I’d feel perfectly comfortable if you saw what I was doing” which, on some level, was good to hear. What does everyone else think? Has anyone actually done it?

    • Pinto Bean Mom

      Hmm, interesting, I don’t feel that I “need” one but what if I just want one? Does everything need to be difficult? Maybe I could just install CCTV all through my house and say it’s for my alarm, we already have a weird feature where I can call home and it tells me what temperature my house is.

  3. Toughie. I think I’d bring the camera up casually and see what she thinks. And stress that unannounced drop-ins could happen (then do a few).

    I think I’d be pissed if I found out I was being taped. It certainly calls into question your trust in her, from her perspective.

    Won’t the nanny agency also do random drop-ins? Perhaps you could request them?

  4. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think there would be signs if she wasn’t treating your children right, and I bet you’d notice right away. It’s hard to trust someone else with our children but I believe most people are actually good. And I am a HUGE cynic, generally speaking.

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