Why? Seriously why?

T has been away since Sunday afternoon, it’s just me and the Beans (and Nanny too for part of the day).  The Beans have been in great moods, playing, laughing, chasing each other and generally happy little tykes.  That was until about 10:30 last night.  T was supposed to get home much earlier but in the land of never-ending delays and cancellations that is NYC his 1:30 flight didn’t actually leave until 7. 

Sunday, the Beans slept all night without a sound.  Monday, the same thing, two lovely sleeping babies not making a sound.  Tuesday, yep another repeat performance by the Beans.  Last night, nope, that didn’t happen.  It was almost like Sebastian knew his Dad was home.  T was home for 15 minutes and then Sebastian starts crying and not just whimpering or complaining but an all out cry, a cry that required I drag myself out of bed to see if I could settle him down. Sebastian didn’t want me though, nor did he want his soother, he kept swatting me and his soother held no interest to him so I left him to figure it out for a while.  From 10:30 until 6:30 Sebastian was up 4 times, why, tell why?  Was he calling out for T, was he punishing us for T not being here?  I don’t know but I don’t like it. 

I gave Sebastian a serious talking to this morning, told him that just cuz Daddy’s home doesn’t mean he has to be up to greet him.  He can wait until a more respectable hour – you know like 8 in the morning, we’ll call Daddy at work and you can say hello.  Sound good??


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