An Unwanted Invitation

So the other day my neighbour drops an invitation in my mailbox for a ladies gathering (I say lady cuz my neighbour is an “older” woman, ie. retired and a grandmother).  Now I really like my neighbours (a sweet retired couple on one side and a police detective and his family on another).  BUT, it’s an invitation to one of those parties.  You know the ones where they sell kitchen stuff, or beauty products or jewellery or sexy lingerie.  The ones where you feel obligated to buy something even if you don’t want or like the products.

I want to be in a neighbourhood where the neighbours talk, gather for BBQ’s, help each other out and are generally social and nice to each other, but I really don’t want to get roped into buying all of this stuff just to be nice.  I give the neighbourhood kids the requisite candy money, (even though I have yet to find that bloody kid selling the yummy chocolates that Jen O. teased and taunted me about), and I sponsor them for any sort of fundraiser, but I really hate those other things.

Now this ladies gathering is benefitting a good cause and I support and like the cause.  So my question is, can’t I just give her some money, I get a tax receipt and we call it a day without me having to go there, eat cucumber sandwiches and make nice with a bunch of ladies?



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2 responses to “An Unwanted Invitation

  1. I never go to neighbourhood cash grabs. In fact, I’ve lived at my house for over 3 years and I don’t even know my neighbours names.

    Wait. I probably shouldn’t be bragging about that.

    Anyway, point is, make an excuse not to go. Tell her you have something super important and un-cancellable and ask her if you could make a donation, like you said. That way you look good in her eyes, feel good about doing something charitable, and you don’t have to hang with the old biddies.

    • Pinto Bean Mom

      Let’s hope it works. I’m going to try and just donate and say hubby is working late so can’t abandon the kidlets.

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