Things I Didn’t Miss

Now that I’m halfway through my first week back to work I’ve quickly realized the things I didn’t miss about work:

  • Alarm Clocks – especially when the annoying buzzer goes off at 5:30 a.m. – not a time I really want to be awake
  • Go Trains – I hate the cost, delays and annoying people on it (but I do like the time I have to read my book and do my crossword)
  • The afternoon rush to get my train home so that I’m home in time for the Beans.
  • The afternoon rush when I get home.  I get home, say hello to the Nanny, give the Beans a hug and quickly change into more comfortable clothing and set to work getting their dinner, T’s and my dinner prepared and get things ready for the Beans bath and bedtime routines.  I have 1.5 hours to try to accomplish a crazy amount of stuff while still trying to play with the Beans.
  • The flippin temperature in my office – I could come to work wearing shorts and a tank top and still be warm.  It’s a sauna in here.
  • Having to pack a lunch
  • Either paying $5 for a latte or drinking crappy drip coffee at the office, I miss my espresso machine at home

But I will now start receiving a pay cheque again – oh what a great thought, my bank account won’t know what hit it when a deposit happens instead of a withdrawal.



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2 responses to “Things I Didn’t Miss

  1. Ugh! The alarm clock, that dreaded piece of technology! I agree with your entire list and my life is going just about the same way every day. It’s hard finding the balance when all we really want is to be with our babies!

  2. Could your nanny make dinner? My sister (the one with twins who I mentioned to you before) got a live-in and she makes dinner for them everyday. Then you can have a bit more time.

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