Yesterday was almost the beginning of a catastrophe.  My nanny texted me to see if she had done something wrong so I gave her a call to see what was the matter.  Nanny answers our phone and just takes messages for us and yesterday morning she took a call that got her wondering and worrying and almost made me hate the world.

The phone call was from another nanny asking about the nanny job and when she could come to talk to us.  Now, this got our Nanny thinking that she’d done something wrong and that we were looking for a replacement.  Thankfully our Nanny is a communicator and likes to talk about things.  I assured her that we were NOT looking for a replacement, SHE WAS OUR NANNY and she’s NOT GOING ANYWHERE. 

Now imagine if she didn’t bring this up, what if she was one of those types of people who keeps things inside, doesn’t like conflict or confrontation.   She would have assumed that we didn’t like her for whatever reason and wanted to find a replacement, she would have probably started looking for a new job herself and then she would have quit to take another job – what the hell would I have done then?  The Beans would lose the Nanny that they have come to know and really like, T and I would lose the person we trust to take care of the Beans, I’d be back at square one for the third time.

But no, our Nanny asked a simple question that averted the whole catastrophe!  Thankfully, otherwise I probably would have curled up in a corner crying and cursing the world!


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One response to “Catastrophe….averted

  1. Myrna

    Yikes – good thing your nanny is sensible! You can always give out my contact info for prospective nannies – I’m just starting to look again now…

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