The past few days have not been fun in our house.  We have had two sick kids here.  Two kids that can’t breathe because their noses are stuffed up.  And because they don’t know how to blow their noses we are left to torture them with our many implements of the nasal clearing variety.  Two sick kids that can’t breathe = two kids that can’t sleep = two parents that can’t sleep = grouchy mama. 

To top all of this off, Sebastian is getting all 4 molars at the same time – really, is this necessary?  Could we not have waited and did one thing at a time?

There are still many moments of cute though.  Sebastian running full speed into my arms with his squeals of laughter and Sofie insisting on climbing onto the couch and sitting there like a big girl with a huge smile on her face.  They are growing fast and accomplishing so many things now.  They love being outside, playing at the park, going for walks and running – oh my they love to run now.  My nanny has said she’s going to need leashes for them when they get to be a little older.  (I was on a leash when I was a kid, is this considered child abuse now?)



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2 responses to “Stuffed

  1. Jenn F

    I used to laugh when friends of mine told me about their stories about being leashed and tied to the clothesline. Now I laugh because I am thinking those parents were misunderstood and were probably on to something! lol. BTW – both boys are also getting the “molar rush” too – fun times.

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