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It pays to complain.

I’ve been told that I can be mean and bitchy.  I say I’m just not willing to be taken advantage of, used and abused.  I’m also not willing to pay for something that doesn’t last.  The amount of money that T and I have spent on gear, furniture, car seats and everything else under the sun for the Beans is astronomical.  And with that astronomical amount of money spent the “stuff” we bought better damn well last.

Well not all of it did and I complained.  Complained HARD.  Wrote letters, wrote emails, made phone calls and basically made myself a pain in the ass.

I complained to the manufacturer of our cribs because of the poor workmanship (stain wearing off, incomplete staining and chipping) – that company sent me a cheque that amounted to one free crib.

I complained to the manufacturer of our booster seats because of the cushion falling apart – they sent me two new booster seats.

I’ve complained to watch manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, toy manufacturers, really the list is endless.  You know what happened?  I was given either money or a replacement product FREE OF CHARGE.  Most people I talk to say they don’t have to the time to complain, I say I don’t have the time to throw money away.



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Things that make me wonder

  1. When I don’t go to the cottage, it ALWAYS turns out to be a gorgeous weekend;
  2. When I want to go to bed early, one of the Beans ALWAYS wakes up and won’t go back to sleep;
  3. When I CAN sleep in, I  CAN’T and when I CAN’T sleep in I CAN (does that make sense?);
  4. The first day back in the office after a long weekend is always highlighted by the fact that you just remembered it is indeed Tuesday and not Monday, only 4 more days left!
  5. I’m amazed by how different the Beans are.  Sofie will play ALL day and not complain.  Sebastian desperately NEEDS a nap.
  6. Speaking of naps, family naps should be a legal requirement for all parents, punishable by death! Or at the very least, utter exhaustion.  Why do we not listen to everyone when they say “Sleep when baby sleeps”?
  7. Why can I never get motivated before noon on the first day back to work after a weekend?
  8. I’m still undecided about the Lost finale.  Think I’ll need to watch it again, and again, and again.  It’s not like when Sopranos ended, that I was happier with, this, not so sure.

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Exciting Stuff

For the past few months I have found a great release here.  I have never been much of a creative person ~ my creative ability resides in the kitchen.  The usual “creative” things that people do (painting, crafting, writing etc.) has never been my forte.  Until now that is.

I have enjoyed writing down my thoughts, ideas, rants and raves here.  I’m able to share the crazy, fun, happy, sad and everything in between here.  I’ve actually enjoyed it so much that I became the Newsletter Editor for the Durham Parents of Multiples.

I might actually be crazy for volunteering to do this because one thing I lack is an abundance of free time, BUT I’m jumping with excitement to put my first newsletter together.

I’ve always had a crazy dream of writing a novel one day, yes this blog and the newsletter are no where near a novel but I like to think of them as my collection of short stories.  I can always have them all prettied up and self publish them and say I’ve written a book so that when I’m old and senile I’ll feel as if I’ve accomplished something and just maybe achieved a dream of mine.

For now I’ll focus on my little collection of short stories and see where they take me.


On another note, does anyone else’s kids like to climb?  Does anyone else have near fatal heart attacks when their kids do something you wish they didn’t know how to do yet?  Mine do – ALL THE TIME.  I have no idea what the solution is to this problem – anyone have a solution for me cuz I’m all ears!

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I think I should save my money…

…why bother buying expensive toys when a big box will do, or better yet, pots & pans or hell, even Tupperware.

What I should do is save my money and give some of it to Jen O. for redesigning my blog.  Have you looked up yet?  Way up and looked at that amazing new banner.  This girl is a genius with all things banner (she’s so talented at other things too, but I’ll just stick to one thing for now).  I just want to say a huge thanks to Jen O. for bringing The Pinto Beans to the next level, now if only I could get her to write for me than the content would also improve.


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Fun in the Sun

This past Sunday was glorious outside.  The sun was shining, the air was warm and I managed to tear myself away from the kitchen long enough to splash in the water with the Beans.

Yes, my kids are wearing clothes while playing in the water.  They were even wearing their shoes at one point as well – who cares, clothes dry, it’s only water.

Do you know how hard it is to get two 14 month olds to stand or sit still for a picture.  It’s almost impossible.

But those moments when the camera cooperates by taking the picture when I press a button, the Beans are looking at the camera and are sitting still are so worth it.


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Kazaam, clown. Blog redesign.

Jen O. wuz here.

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Nothing about nothing

Do you ever get the feeling that you have so much in your head that you’re not allowed to share that you feel like your head just might explode.  I do, RIGHT NOW.  I have so much stuff trapped in the brain that I can’t get out I’m finding it distracting.  In my line of work my motto has always been “I know nothing about nothing”.

That’s how I’m supposed to do my job – well a big chunk of it anyways – but now I have too much stuff in there that I don’t really know but I do and can’t share but I have need to.

I have good stuff, bad stuff, boring stuff, exciting stuff and stuff that really no one would care about if they knew what I know, BUT I’m not supposed to even know this stuff.   Christ, even I’m confused.

I did have a good thing happen today, I wore a pair of shoes I scored while on my shopping weekend that are sexy and comfortable all wrapped up in one.  This rarely happens with fashion.  Fashion doesn’t beget function.  But this time, oh my I’m so excited.   I love my new shoes.  But I don’t love them as much as these two blue-eyed sweeties.

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