Baby, Baby

T is away on business again this week (Miami and Mexico – hmm, something doesn’t seem right). Nanny is coming in earlier so that I can still get to work on time which is a big help. It will feel like a long week without T but my mom is coming over tonight. She’s even going to make me dinner! As soon as she said she would take care of dinner I was all smiley face and giggly. Nothing makes me happier than not having to worry about dinner after working all day. And I don’t even care what gets made for me – if I’m not cooking, I’m not getting picky.

In the land of cute that is ever changing at our house Sebastian now says baby. He grabs his “mirror” while in the tub, looks at himself and says “baby, baby, baby” and gives the baby a kiss and a hug. It’s really quite cute and adorable.

Sofie has found Sebastian’s penis while in the bath and seems to think it’s some new pull toy – she laughs hysterically while Sebastian tries to get the heck away from her grabby hands!

The Beans also give the best hugs now, Sebastian adds a pat on the back while laying his head on my chest/shoulder while Sofie gives a big squeeze. The hugs and kisses are a great thing to come home to.

Now if only the weather would cooperate, it does say May on the calendar but it feels like fall out there.



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2 responses to “Baby, Baby

  1. 1. I don’t think Miami + Mexico qualifies as a work trip… he better be bringing home some good tequila!
    2. I agree – anything tastes good when it’s cooked for you. Especially by mom!
    3. You made me “HA” out loud at work re: the penis-grabbing update.
    4. I loved the hug stage too. So fun to see what’s comforting to them (the pats or the squeezes) is probably what they’re giving back to you.

    Oh and it’s supposed to be 18 + sunny on Saturday – I’ll take crappa weather during the week if my weekend is going to be gorg…

    • Pinto Bean Mom

      Oh, yes something good better make its way back from the M’s. I brought back champagne from my girls weekend.
      I hope your weather forecast is correct, I’m sick of freezing because I refuse to put my winter/fall coat back on!

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