Nothing about nothing

Do you ever get the feeling that you have so much in your head that you’re not allowed to share that you feel like your head just might explode.  I do, RIGHT NOW.  I have so much stuff trapped in the brain that I can’t get out I’m finding it distracting.  In my line of work my motto has always been “I know nothing about nothing”.

That’s how I’m supposed to do my job – well a big chunk of it anyways – but now I have too much stuff in there that I don’t really know but I do and can’t share but I have need to.

I have good stuff, bad stuff, boring stuff, exciting stuff and stuff that really no one would care about if they knew what I know, BUT I’m not supposed to even know this stuff.   Christ, even I’m confused.

I did have a good thing happen today, I wore a pair of shoes I scored while on my shopping weekend that are sexy and comfortable all wrapped up in one.  This rarely happens with fashion.  Fashion doesn’t beget function.  But this time, oh my I’m so excited.   I love my new shoes.  But I don’t love them as much as these two blue-eyed sweeties.


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One response to “Nothing about nothing

  1. claudia

    seriously.. they ARE beauties!!!!! 🙂

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