Fun in the Sun

This past Sunday was glorious outside.  The sun was shining, the air was warm and I managed to tear myself away from the kitchen long enough to splash in the water with the Beans.

Yes, my kids are wearing clothes while playing in the water.  They were even wearing their shoes at one point as well – who cares, clothes dry, it’s only water.

Do you know how hard it is to get two 14 month olds to stand or sit still for a picture.  It’s almost impossible.

But those moments when the camera cooperates by taking the picture when I press a button, the Beans are looking at the camera and are sitting still are so worth it.



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4 responses to “Fun in the Sun

  1. Your children are GORGEOUS. Also: v. v. cute. Ooo! ALSO: their tummies look like they need a good raspberry.

    The end.

    • Pinto Bean Mom

      Well thanks, they must get their looks from their mumma! If only I could use their good looks to pay for their upcoming education expenses that will I’m sure bankrupt us!

  2. Squee!! SO STINKIN’ CUTE. Yes, I just yelled it. And now I’ve probably scared your wee ones. Apologies.

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