Things that make me wonder

  1. When I don’t go to the cottage, it ALWAYS turns out to be a gorgeous weekend;
  2. When I want to go to bed early, one of the Beans ALWAYS wakes up and won’t go back to sleep;
  3. When I CAN sleep in, I  CAN’T and when I CAN’T sleep in I CAN (does that make sense?);
  4. The first day back in the office after a long weekend is always highlighted by the fact that you just remembered it is indeed Tuesday and not Monday, only 4 more days left!
  5. I’m amazed by how different the Beans are.  Sofie will play ALL day and not complain.  Sebastian desperately NEEDS a nap.
  6. Speaking of naps, family naps should be a legal requirement for all parents, punishable by death! Or at the very least, utter exhaustion.  Why do we not listen to everyone when they say “Sleep when baby sleeps”?
  7. Why can I never get motivated before noon on the first day back to work after a weekend?
  8. I’m still undecided about the Lost finale.  Think I’ll need to watch it again, and again, and again.  It’s not like when Sopranos ended, that I was happier with, this, not so sure.

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