It pays to complain.

I’ve been told that I can be mean and bitchy.  I say I’m just not willing to be taken advantage of, used and abused.  I’m also not willing to pay for something that doesn’t last.  The amount of money that T and I have spent on gear, furniture, car seats and everything else under the sun for the Beans is astronomical.  And with that astronomical amount of money spent the “stuff” we bought better damn well last.

Well not all of it did and I complained.  Complained HARD.  Wrote letters, wrote emails, made phone calls and basically made myself a pain in the ass.

I complained to the manufacturer of our cribs because of the poor workmanship (stain wearing off, incomplete staining and chipping) – that company sent me a cheque that amounted to one free crib.

I complained to the manufacturer of our booster seats because of the cushion falling apart – they sent me two new booster seats.

I’ve complained to watch manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, toy manufacturers, really the list is endless.  You know what happened?  I was given either money or a replacement product FREE OF CHARGE.  Most people I talk to say they don’t have to the time to complain, I say I don’t have the time to throw money away.



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3 responses to “It pays to complain.

  1. I ALWAYS take the time to complain. In fact, I’ve taken the time just to write a nicely worded letter suggesting a company change the design of the highchair we have (not expecting anything in return) and they sent me a new tray to replace the one that I suggested had a design flaw.

    It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. And it’s sad that sometimes it takes you complaining to a company about service/workmanship/quality for them to make it right (and sometimes several complaints in a row to be heard) — but my experience is similar to yours. They do (usually) listen and respond and try to make it better. And that’s all you can ask for.

    Totally worth the time and effort – especially on the extraordinary markups most kids items have anyway!

  2. Agreed. We had the same experience with our Step 2 water park, and got a free one fed exed to us. No evidence required or anything.

  3. That’s awesome. I should do this more. .. or at all 🙂

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