Good Luck

I like to enter contests.  I like free stuff (really, who wouldn’t).  I like to read product reviews and I like to give other people my opinion on stuff.  My friend was asking me the other day what I have won by entering contests.  Well here is the list.

1. A Sleep Sack from Wee Rascals via Durham Region Kids

2. A Britax Advocate CS Car Seat from My Organized Chaos

3. Corel Painter Essentials 4 from PTPA

4. A My Kids Lids Mr. Monster Hat from My Organized Chaos

5. $30 Gift Certificate from Clippopotamus

I think there’s more, I just can’t remember.  I think I’ve done pretty well.  Now why can’t I just win that little itty bitty lottery, now that would be the icing on my already delicious cupcake!


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