Sunday morning we woke up to an eerily quiet house.  There was no crying, babbling, screaming or pitter patter of little feet at our abode.  For the first time in 16 months T and I were in our own home together.  ALONE!  I’ve been alone in the house and T has been alone in the house, but never have we experienced this moment of bliss together.

T and I had a date night on Saturday and the Beans were shipped off to the Grandparents house overnight.  Dinner was a bit of a let down (I won’t bother telling you where we went but we did go to a very highly rated restaurant in the city that we had gone to in the past and loved but this time – not up to par).

Even with the not so fabulous dinner it was still a great night out followed by a delicious morning of sitting on the back deck, looking at the forest, listening to the birds, drinking our coffee and reading our books.  That’s right – we were able to drink our coffee in peace, read more than a paragraph at a time and just be.

We chinked our coffee cups together and said a toast to many more moments of alone time in our house!



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3 responses to “SHHHH

  1. Sounds delightful! And I would like to know which restaurant you’re referring to. Was it the one you went to on your last date night?

    Also, I hope in your time alone you spent some in the bedroom! 😉

  2. sounds great even if dinner wasn’t so good!
    Our little people are being shipped off to nana and papas this weekend coming….. looking forward to the quiet and I know they’ll have a blast and be spoiled rotten!

  3. Sabine

    Ahhh, I hear ya! We just had a week with the kids being shipped off to their grandparents, and whilst I missed them like missing a limb, it felt strangely liberating and oh, sooooo peaceful!

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