Exhibitionist & A Vampire

This morning on my way to work our nanny calls me laughing hysterically.  I guess little Miss Sofie was as naked as a jaybird.  Sometime in the night this little devil angel removed her sleep sack, onesie & diaper.  Also, sometime during the night she peed in her bed.  EVERYWHERE!

All things considered, it could have been much worse, she could have been covered in poo first thing in the morning.


Sebastian has also started to bite everyone.  The other day he gave me a great hug and cuddle only to be followed by a vampire style bite to my neck.  I almost dropped him it hurt so bad.  He’s also been biting Sofie nonstop.  He goes in for a nice hug only to follow it with a ferocious bite.  The poor girl has teeth marks on her ankle, thigh, arm and back – how the heck do I stop this?


On another note, tomorrow morning the family is venturing down to Long Island for a few days of R&R with some very good friends.

I’m told the drinks will be ready and waiting for us when we arrive and the weather forecast is the same – sun & heat ~ fantastic! 

We’re so looking forward to this, I just hope our friends are ready for these two crazy kids.


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