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Exhibitionist & A Vampire

This morning on my way to work our nanny calls me laughing hysterically.  I guess little Miss Sofie was as naked as a jaybird.  Sometime in the night this little devil angel removed her sleep sack, onesie & diaper.  Also, sometime during the night she peed in her bed.  EVERYWHERE!

All things considered, it could have been much worse, she could have been covered in poo first thing in the morning.


Sebastian has also started to bite everyone.  The other day he gave me a great hug and cuddle only to be followed by a vampire style bite to my neck.  I almost dropped him it hurt so bad.  He’s also been biting Sofie nonstop.  He goes in for a nice hug only to follow it with a ferocious bite.  The poor girl has teeth marks on her ankle, thigh, arm and back – how the heck do I stop this?


On another note, tomorrow morning the family is venturing down to Long Island for a few days of R&R with some very good friends.

I’m told the drinks will be ready and waiting for us when we arrive and the weather forecast is the same – sun & heat ~ fantastic! 

We’re so looking forward to this, I just hope our friends are ready for these two crazy kids.


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Nap Time

The Beans have two naps a day right now and at almost 16 months I would think it’s time to change this to one nap a day.  With all this sleep interrupting the day it’s hard to plan things, do things and get out of the house for longer than an hour. 

The Beans sleep from 10 until 12ish, then again from 3 to 4:30 (and they have to be woken up at 4:30).  I’m trying to figure out the best way to get them into a routine of going down for a nap after lunch and hopefully that nap will last for two to three hours.  We’re starting with a slow transition, keeping them up a little longer in the morning and increasing this time every week in hopes of getting them to that nap at lunch. 

The problem though is that some days it is REALLY hard to get them to 10 let alone any later in the day.  Sofie could go ALL day without a nap and typically not be grumpy (she did this when we were in Bahamas); whereas Sebastian NEEDS his sleep and LOVES his sleep (I’m sure if he slept better at night this wouldn’t be an issue, the little Bean is having teething issues right now).

What did you do with your little ones to get them to one nap a day?  Is it really so bad to have two naps a day – I know I would love to be carried up to bed, given a blanket and told to go to sleep twice a day!

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Think I can pay for their university education with these?

Yes, I am bragging here but these two are THE CUTEST kids around.  Even though one of them had us up at 2am last night and I seriously wanted to throw him out with the bath water, their cuteness overrides their pain in the assness!

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Good Luck

I like to enter contests.  I like free stuff (really, who wouldn’t).  I like to read product reviews and I like to give other people my opinion on stuff.  My friend was asking me the other day what I have won by entering contests.  Well here is the list.

1. A Sleep Sack from Wee Rascals via Durham Region Kids

2. A Britax Advocate CS Car Seat from My Organized Chaos

3. Corel Painter Essentials 4 from PTPA

4. A My Kids Lids Mr. Monster Hat from My Organized Chaos

5. $30 Gift Certificate from Clippopotamus

I think there’s more, I just can’t remember.  I think I’ve done pretty well.  Now why can’t I just win that little itty bitty lottery, now that would be the icing on my already delicious cupcake!

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Sleep – what is that?

The past few nights have been rough.  We have a Bean that is not sleeping well, ergo we’re not sleeping well.  I find it amazing how I/We have become so used to the Beans sleeping through the night, so much so that when one or both of them don’t sleep through the night it feels like we’ve (especially me) rewound our lives 15 months and have newborns in the house again.

I need my sleep.  If I don’t get my sleep I become grouchy.  Grouchy might be too nice of a word for it really.  I’m a bitch with a capital B!  I’ve been like this forever and at 34 years old I doubt I’m going to change anytime soon.

I just need to find a solution to our Bean’s sleep troubles.  Any suggestions?


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Almost Wordless Wednesday

At a BBQ and not sure of the company

Jack - er Beans in a Box

1 Year Ago - so tiny

1 Year Ago - My little cuddler

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Outdoor Fun

Frolicking at the farm

Can't get enough of these Goldfish crackers

Chillin at the cottage

Hurry up Sebastian, we have places to go!

My Pinto Beans

Mom come look, I think I found a spider.

See, it fits Mom now let's get in the boat.


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