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Peeping Tom

So I’m in the middle of Day 3 with Nanny and am wondering if I should become one of “those” mothers.  I say “those” mothers in the nicest way possible because I have nothing against them and might just turn into one.  I’m talking about buying and hiding a “Nanny Cam” somewhere in my house so I can make sure that what I see, feel and experience while here with the Nanny is the same when I’m back at work.

I’m trusting the Nanny with the Beans but doesn’t that mean I should also trust that she will provide quality care for my kids without being “Big Brother” and check up on her.  Such a dilemma because then what if she found the camera?  Would she be insulted and leave, would she understand my neurotic craziness and chalk it up to first time parent syndrome?  I went through hell to find this nanny but now am going through hell wondering if I should spy on her.  That would drive me crazy if I was spied on at work.

Do you have a nanny camera?  Does your daycare provider have CCTV in their home/centre?  What would you do?



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Chess Boxing

A group of women I was out to dinner with were discussing this (yes strange topic for a bunch of women and I’m not telling you how we got on the topic).  It really does exist, strange and very weird.  There’s even a World Chess Boxing Organisation.  It’s funny cuz if you go to their homepage right now it says “Leo ‘Granit’ Kraft” Youngest World Champion in Chessboxing History.”

Now I read that sentence kind of fast and all I saw was Kraft and Cheese Boxing – hmm.

Well now that you’re enlightened about Chessboxing, you can get back to your day. 

The WCBO motto “Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board.”  DEEP, but I’m thinking that too many TKO’s might make one a pretty bad chess player right?

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