Think I can pay for their university education with these?

Yes, I am bragging here but these two are THE CUTEST kids around.  Even though one of them had us up at 2am last night and I seriously wanted to throw him out with the bath water, their cuteness overrides their pain in the assness!


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So this is what it’s like

This week in the concrete jungle (and I mean that literally, just look at pictures of the 3m high fence in downtown Toronto), T and I have mixed it up a bit.  T is working from home this week and I’m coming downtown for work.  That means that T is home when I get home, T is getting dinner prepared, T is there for help during the Beans dinner, bath AND bedtime.  So for this week I am getting a small taste of what it would be like to have a husband that worked 9-5 and at just 1.5 days into the week I must say I like it – A LOT!

I know this schedule is not realistic for our lives, it is not realistic for the type of job that T has and loves, nor is it realistic with our commute from home to work.  I just want to say I’m liking this whole come home to dinner organized business and having help at the end of the day with the Beans schedules.  It’s also fun having all four of us together every night for a few hours.  Playing, laughing and enjoying the time together. 

So even though this little piece of heaven won’t last I want to thank the G20.  The negatives of this spectacle have been turned into positives for our little family, so thanks G20, I owe you one!

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Good Luck

I like to enter contests.  I like free stuff (really, who wouldn’t).  I like to read product reviews and I like to give other people my opinion on stuff.  My friend was asking me the other day what I have won by entering contests.  Well here is the list.

1. A Sleep Sack from Wee Rascals via Durham Region Kids

2. A Britax Advocate CS Car Seat from My Organized Chaos

3. Corel Painter Essentials 4 from PTPA

4. A My Kids Lids Mr. Monster Hat from My Organized Chaos

5. $30 Gift Certificate from Clippopotamus

I think there’s more, I just can’t remember.  I think I’ve done pretty well.  Now why can’t I just win that little itty bitty lottery, now that would be the icing on my already delicious cupcake!

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Sleep – what is that?

The past few nights have been rough.  We have a Bean that is not sleeping well, ergo we’re not sleeping well.  I find it amazing how I/We have become so used to the Beans sleeping through the night, so much so that when one or both of them don’t sleep through the night it feels like we’ve (especially me) rewound our lives 15 months and have newborns in the house again.

I need my sleep.  If I don’t get my sleep I become grouchy.  Grouchy might be too nice of a word for it really.  I’m a bitch with a capital B!  I’ve been like this forever and at 34 years old I doubt I’m going to change anytime soon.

I just need to find a solution to our Bean’s sleep troubles.  Any suggestions?


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Almost Wordless Wednesday

At a BBQ and not sure of the company

Jack - er Beans in a Box

1 Year Ago - so tiny

1 Year Ago - My little cuddler

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Outdoor Fun

Frolicking at the farm

Can't get enough of these Goldfish crackers

Chillin at the cottage

Hurry up Sebastian, we have places to go!

My Pinto Beans

Mom come look, I think I found a spider.

See, it fits Mom now let's get in the boat.


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It pays to complain.

I’ve been told that I can be mean and bitchy.  I say I’m just not willing to be taken advantage of, used and abused.  I’m also not willing to pay for something that doesn’t last.  The amount of money that T and I have spent on gear, furniture, car seats and everything else under the sun for the Beans is astronomical.  And with that astronomical amount of money spent the “stuff” we bought better damn well last.

Well not all of it did and I complained.  Complained HARD.  Wrote letters, wrote emails, made phone calls and basically made myself a pain in the ass.

I complained to the manufacturer of our cribs because of the poor workmanship (stain wearing off, incomplete staining and chipping) – that company sent me a cheque that amounted to one free crib.

I complained to the manufacturer of our booster seats because of the cushion falling apart – they sent me two new booster seats.

I’ve complained to watch manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, toy manufacturers, really the list is endless.  You know what happened?  I was given either money or a replacement product FREE OF CHARGE.  Most people I talk to say they don’t have to the time to complain, I say I don’t have the time to throw money away.


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