Me, He & We

The story of surviving raising twins (for now) and finding myself in the mess of poop, drool & vomit.  It’s not a pretty story but it’s my story.  It may not be funny but it’s real.


4 responses to “Me, He & We

  1. Kelly

    Just wanted to say I can’t believe I haven’t found your blog sooner!! I have fraternal twin boys who will be 6 months on the 18th. I went 40 weeks and Jacob was 6.9lbs and Aiden 8lbs. It’s been a struggle. Jacob was born with Imperferate Anus which is a fancy word for being born without a bum hole. All things considered it’s an easy thing to fix, but a long process with 3 surgeries and a colostomy. The end of this month is the last surgery and hopefully Jacob’s cute little bum will be fully functioning and I will only have to go back to Sick Kids for yearly follow ups.
    I’m excited to find a blog of a twin mom in my area. I’ll let you do everything first and tell me how to do it 😉

    The Beans are adorable and look forward to their antics.

    • llegl

      Congrats on going 40 weeks – impressive, I thought I was good for going 39.2. Glad to hear your boys are doing well and yes, I’ll share the knowledge or lack thereof.

  2. Liana

    WOW I feel like the sun just shone on me!!! Finally, someone out there that understands life with twin newborns. I have felt so lost, my friends with singleton babie have NO clue what life is like with twins… Look forward to hearing more about the Beans and hopefully meeting people that can understand and relate to life with twins!

    • Pinto Bean Mom

      Yes, it’s a crazy experience isn’t it. Let me know if you want to know how I survived a certain point in the abyss of life with newborn twins.

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