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11 Weeks

It has been 11 weeks since I have been here.  Eleven weeks since I have complained, bitched, relished, laughed, joked or told anyone what the heck is going on in Pinto Bean land.  In 11 weeks we have said so much, done so much and grown so much I don’t even know where to start and maybe that’s why I’ve continued to ignore this place.  I’ve almost given up coming here.  I’ve almost deleted the whole thing several times, logged in only to log back out immediately.

I don’t know how to start again, I don’t know how to revisit one of my favourite places and do the one thing that was bringing me such catharsis. Is it just that, like a twelve step program?  The first step in a new direction is acknowledgement that you need to start down a new path?

Maybe it is that easy, I guess this is the first step down my new path.  For now, I’m happy that I made it this far and I hope to see you again soon my old friend.  


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